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Almira School

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6A Graduation Picture  Room 309  June, 1954

Row 1:  Moonyuene Willis, Donna Weston, Emily Sojka, Sandy Franz, Sandy Graham, Sharon Gilkersan, Karen Krach, Miss Mary Lightell(Principal) 
Row 2:  Dennis York, Dan Henry, Larry Copperman, Stuart Fatz, Barb Fenton, Claudia Barnak, Janice Cawthra
Row 3:  Mrs. Elva Erickson, Karen Marshall, Frank Strobl, Carole Reimers, Dick Kreuzer, Bob Peattie, Eugenia Hiller, Jane Steiner
Row 4:  Alvin Donahue, Lois Gollwitzer, Robert Schack, Billy Turner, Charmaine Barnes, Nadine Rinas, Victoria Boros
Row 5:  Marilyn Popp, Vicki Earley, Dixie Hose, Lea Drake, Richard Keiser, Bonnie Wagner, Dave Lemmerman, Dan Bressler

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Mrs. Elva Erickson with gift from our class.

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Almira School Luncheon for 6A Class  June, 1954
Vicki Earley, Frank Strobl, Lea Drake, Dan Henry

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Dick Kreuzer
Lieutenant of the Crossing Guards

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Claudia Barnak
Sandy Graham

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Lea Drake
Dan Bressler

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6A Class Play

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Notice the old cars

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Mrs. Erickson, Sandy Franz, Carole Reimers, Donna Weston, Nadine Rinas, Sandy Graham

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Room 309:  Richard Keiser, Dave Lemmerman, Lea Drake Jeannie Hiller,

 Billy Turner, Marilyn Popp

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From Lois Gollwitzer
3A Grades

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More great memories supplied by Lois Gollwitzer. 
3A Report Card


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4A Grades

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4A Report Card

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4B Report Card and Grades

The real scoop on the Almira School swimming pool--provided by Marge Krach.
When the swimming pool was under construction, it was found that "ground water was seeping in" and the pool was never finished.  The pool would have been below the floor levels of the two gyms.  Think about the steps from the back doors that took you down to the gym levels..and near the bottom of one of those steps, there was another narrower flight of steps that went down to the boiler room level.  The boiler room had water problems too but apparently the boilers were need to heat the building and they had equipment to deal with that.  To reach the custodian's office, you went up another flight of steps from the boiler room to the brick driveway behind the school.  The real information "from the horse's mouth" so to speak dispels the more interesting tales about the unfinished swimming pool.  Sorry about the...but "Now you know".
AlmiraArt_1953.JPG (36764 bytes)Memory provided by Lois.  In the 5th and 6th grades, our class went to the "Handicrafts" room on the second floor once or twice a week, where we worked on art and science projects.  One science project required each of us to collect as many different kinds of rocks as we could, and make a display case for them.  It was a neat way to learn about granite, shale, mica, and many more types of rock and stone.  One art project involved transferring a design to a piece of copper sheeting--then using different implements to make a "3-D" picture on the copper and then nailing the copper sheet to a flat piece of wood.  My copper picture was of a horse's head.  My "Gypsy Dance" painting was originally a drawing from a coloring book.  The design was traced onto a piece of wood, then painted
and shellacked.