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Don Cawthra--Graduated 1961--Married Pat 8/29/64--Children:  Mark (31) Geri (30)  Grandson Alan (7 yrs. old).  Parma policeman for 24 years, retired in 1990 due to injuries received in a gun fight--enjoys doing investment research on the computer, playing bingo, going on cruises (saved the life of another passenger on one of the cruises) and getting together with other retired policemen to talk about the good old days.
Mark and Geri are adopted.  We got Mark on Christmas Eve when he was 11 days old, and they gave us only one days notice, What A Christmas That Was!!!  Geri was 10 months old.  We didn't even ask for a second child, but the family that had her could not keep her for some reason, and all of our paper work was there from they gave us a call.  And now they are too old to send back!
Photos:  From left to right: (1) Don's graduation picture of 1961. (2)  Wedding of Don and Pat Cawthra--8/29/64 at Denison Ave. Church.   (3)  Pat Cawthra.   (4)  Mark and Alan.  (5) Geri

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Lois Gollwitzer Dixon--DOB 11/15/42--Married Don Dixon (WTH'59) 9/30/61--Children:  Patty (40) Donnie (37) Joanne (32) Janice (30)--Grandchildren:  Mike(20) Matt (17) Stephanie (11) Zachary (1 year).  Living in Livonia MI for past 29 years.  Does bookkeeping for Don's business, Dixon Machine Service.  Likes country decorating and going to Air Supply concerts.
Michael.JPG--Lois.jpg (16060 bytes)                   Matt2001.JPG (12470 bytes)                  Zach_2.JPG (27017 bytes) Stephanie.2000.JPG (9507 bytes)         Dixon1993.JPG (17076 bytes)                                            
Lois's Grandchildren:    Michael (2000)     Matthew (Sept. 2001)    Stephanie (Sept. 2000)    Zachary(3  1/2 months old)   Lois's children 1993:  JoAnne, Donnie, Janice, Patty.
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Linda Greulich Eagleeye--
Married to Russ Eagleeye 10/19/63.  Children--Joe(35) Laura(33) Michelle(31).  One grandson--1 year old.  Linda works in the employee plan services for a stock company.

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Sandy Franz Fiske--Lives in San Diego, CA.  DOB--6/7/42--Married to Calvin Fiske 12/24/92--Children:  Kim (36--lives in GA) Jana(30--career Air Force--stationed in Washington DC).  Three grandchildren--Calvin, Liam, Shelby, Sean Michael.   Attended Fairview Park Hospital School of Nursing.  Retired.  Interests and hobbies:  computer, reading, and traveling.  To see what I've been up to for the past 40 years--please visit my personal website at
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From left to right:  Isis  Niece--Donna Joy  Niece--Alicia

Joy Clark Freda--Lives in Bedford, Ohio with Isis the cat.  Widowed. One daughter, Debbie, who resides in the New Orleans area.  Employed part-time as an attorney, but looking forward to retirement and seeing the world.  Stan Hywet volunteer.  Favorite pastimes:  bridge, golf, reading and theater.

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Karen Marshall Kempke and Thomas Kempke--Tom and I were married in 1965 and have two sons, Christopher and Sean.  Chris lives in a Minneapolis suburb and works in the computer field.  Sean is a medical student in Duluth.  We moved to Minnesota in 1970 and live in Northfield.  I retired from clinical social work in 1999 and Tom retired Jan., 2001 from the Federal Aviation Adm.  He's started a new career as an EMT in the Emergency room at the Northfield Hospital.
Pictures from left to right of Karen and Tom Kempke--Karen(taken in Skagway, Alaska)  Tom(taken in Krakow, Poland in July, 2001)  Tom and Karen--(taken in Istanbul in Dec., 2000)  Their puppies--Molly and Maggie(both 12 years old and sisters).

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Marge Kennish Krach--West Tech class of 1935.  Married Mike Krach--West Tech class of 1934.  Daughters Kay and Karen Krach are also West Tech grads. Photos:  (1) Marge was our Girl Scout leader of Troop #558.  (Marge is the one in above photo with white arrow over her head. (2) Marge and Mike Krach--1992.  (3) Karen and Marge--Sept., 1995.  (4) Daughters-Kay and Karen--Dec., 1990.

In Memory Of

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Karen Krach Privitera  1942----1995


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Photos:  (1)Karen--teacher picture--1991  (2)Karen and Ang Privitera--Photo taken in Florida.  (3)Karen's children--Anthony, Karen Lynn, Michael--taken in March of 87.  (4)Privitera family in Sept. of 95.
Karen E. Krach
married her high school sweetheart, Angelo Privitera in 1963.  Their children--Anthony, Karen Lynn, and Michael attended Lakewood schools.  Both sons graduated from Bowling Green State U. as did their parents.  Karen Lynn graduated from Miami U. in Oxford, Ohio.  Lakewood is still the Privitera family home base.  Karen E. was a teacher at Grant Elementary School when she died in 1995.  Ang, retired, had been teacher, counselor, and football coach at Lakewood High.

A memorial in Lakewood Park was dedicated to Karen on July 4, 2001, which would have been Karen's 59th birthday.  
The following article appeared in the Jan.-Feb. 2001 issue of the WTAA newsletter.
West Tech Alumna is Remembered
Karen (Krach) Privitera, '60, will live on in a special memorial donation made by her family to Kids Cove playground in Lakewood, Ohio.  Karen was an award-winning teacher who passed away in 1995.  Her husband, Angelo, '58 and children Anthony, Michael, and Karen Lynn made the donation so that her legacy of 24 years of dedicated service in the Lakewood school system would live on for many years.  She was named Grant Elementary School "Teacher of the Year" in 1981.  She was president of the Lakewood High School Boosters, founded the Gold Girls Mothers Club, organized fund-raising for the athletics program, and was a founding member of the Lakewood Animal Shelter.  Angelo was a Lakewood H.S. teacher and served as the head football coach from 1971-74.

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Janice Cawthra Gunderman  1942----2000
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Cawthra Family--taken in 2000--Don, Rick, Janice, Robert

Jan Ron Gunderman 1999.jpg (38614 bytes)
Ron and Jan Cawthra Gunderman--1999