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Memory Lane
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gaussian blur frame.jpg (19162 bytes)Sandy's Memories:  I remember growing up in a "Happy Day's" atmosphere (as in the TV show.)  Families ate together every evening, we all walked to school and attended school with no fear of gun shots being fired.  I remember sitting on the porch in the Spring and Summer with friends or talking to the neighbors.  I remember PJ parties, long phone conversations with girlfriends after we had just left their company, sock hops, Elvis, and of course, rock and roll.  I remember when girls fast danced together, school dances, teen get-togethers and good times and good friends.  I remember thinking I could set the world on fire and the innocence of youth.  I remember all of the friends that (because I moved from Cleveland in 1964) I thought I had lost touch with forever--and am now getting reacquainted with through email, snail mail, and now this site.  (I made this image from a photo of my husband's and grandson's hands.)

gb4.jpg (26440 bytes)Lois's Memories:  Almira School was the huge kdg. room with a fireplace - wonderful teachers, especially Mrs. Heil and Mrs. Erickson - being a crossing guard - long bus trips to see performances by the Cleve. Orchestra - the 6A class play - summer fun at the playground - the Show Wagon and the Traveling Zoo - the dark passage way (by the unfinished swimming pool) that connected the two basement gyms.  WWJH was lots of homework - favorite teacher, Herr Messer (German) - lunchtime movies - Friday night dances - morning broadcasts during homeroom over the PA system ("Good morning Wilbur Wrighters, this is your school station WWJH, your student announcer Lois Gollwitzer"_.  WTH was C. C. Tuck - classes & study halls - making new friends and keeping the old--favorite teacher, Larry Chernauskas (algebra) - the best sticky buns ever in the cafeteria - football games, basketball games - the 1957 state champion cross country team - Techettes - school dances - the Senior Prom - graduation - Warriors forever!

gblur4.jpg (26028 bytes)Joy's Memories:  There are many good memories associated with Almira school because it was literally a block away and the neighborhood kids played there all summer.  I loved Mrs. Poltaric and Mrs. Heil.  I missed all my friends when I transferred to Willard, but enjoyed my new tacher, Miss Rosenburg.  Played Tweedledee to Diana Johnson's Tweedledum in the 6th grade French play.  Made new friends like D.J., Ginny Crouse, Louise Smith, Jackie O'Neil, Jan Krava and was reunited with old friends at Wilbur Wright in the 7th grade.  Had Mr. Dee as a homeroom teacher and considered him very intuitive when he wrote "still waters run deep" in my autograph book.  Remember "slam books" with fondness and wish someone had one tucked away in an attic somewhere.  Developed a love of all sports and became a huge (and ultimately lifelong) Indians fan at a young age.  Recall Ladies' Day trips to the stadium with Lois ($.35 admission).  Cried all the way home from my final day at WW because the thought of being a WT "flat" terrified me, as did the stories of C.C. Tuck and his track team (my dad was a member!)  Now I look back on all three years at WT with tremendous affection  -- what a great time in our lives!  Wearing the school colors, going to football and basketball games -- home and away if we could find a ride -- Peppi's Pizza afterward, cherry cokes at Michaud's, lunchtime movies, being a Techette.  Goldie Thow and her compatriots managed to teach me enough to land a job, and Mr. Dinda (not a typical favorite, I know) fueled my desire to be a high school history teacher, a dream I held onto for many years, until fate took me in another direction.

Sandy131.jpg (38474 bytes)Marge's Memories:  A span of years 1922-1935 cover my own school years at Almira, Wilbur Wright, and West Tech.  In the 20's Almira teachers and principal, Miss Wilcox. were all unmarried women.  They were dedicated teachers and commanded our respect.  Explaining my connection with his website, as the mother of Kay and Karen--who also attended these three schools, I became actively involved in Almira P.T.A.  Also during this period I became Leader of Intermediate Girl Scout Troop 558.  Many of these scouts are now on this website.  As a 7B, I attended WTH for Wilbur Wright was not yet open.  Passing classes with older students (through 12th grade) was a scary experience.  Some delighted in harassing the younger kids.  Wilbur Wright opened for 7th and 8th grades in Sept., 1919 and 9th grade was added a year later.  How proud we were of our brand new school!  The student body voted on school colors (gold and black).  Felt aviator hemlets and berets could be bought at school--not that we wore them.  Student government elections had two parties:  Aces and Pilots.  "Contact" was name of the school magazine.  Notice the aviation influence?  Mr. Marshall was the principal.  Our boys' touch football and basketball teams had a lot of support from the students.  Thomas Jefferson Jr. High was our biggest rival.  For 10th through 12th grades, we attended West Tech (or West High).  C.C. Tuck was our principal.  Many enforced rules, but WTH had high scholastic records and a good reputation.  Our student government "G.O.", "Tatler" school newspaper, and Prom!  Do you remember yours?  Now we ventured out into another phase of our lives.  It's great to learn about our classmates.  Lots of memories--but you have your own!