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Isis and Lexy
Joy's cats--01-13-02

Sandy172.jpg (26596 bytes) Sandy172a.jpg (26815 bytes)From Sandy---I've got a two year old grandson story for you.  Kim is expecting son number 2 in August.  She went in for a sonogram at 5 months and her husband (Mark) and Liam went along.  While Kim and Mark were excitedly looking at their "new son to be" on the monitor--Liam piped up with, "Look, Mom--a puppy!"  So the two images you see here are the real vision and what I imagined Liam saw!

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Don Dixon's first grade class at St. Ignatius Grade School.  Taken in fall of 47 or Spring of 48.  Don is on the far right of bottom row.

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Above:  Latest pictures of Lois's cute grandchildren.  Left to right:  Zach on Xmas Eve     Zach--8 months old       Zach--9 months old and Stephie--11 years old.

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Sandy's Vacation--May, 2002.  I went to Washington DC and to Atlanta, GA to see my daughters and their families.
Row 1:  Sandy & Kim     Kim, Liam & Sandy     Liam in only mud puddle in the park
Row 2:  Mark & Liam    Liam     Calvin, Jana & Shelby
Row 3:  Calvin & Bob   Sandy & Calvin   Sandy & Shelby
Row 4:  Shelby    Shelby   Sandy, Kim & Liam