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This page is for any information, photos or whatever miscellaneous subject that any member wants to share.

Member's Birthdays and Anniversaries
Don Cawthra--Anniversary (with Pat)--8/29/64.
Lois Gollwitzer Dixon--Birthdate--11/15/42.  Anniversary (with Don)--9/30/61.
Carole Reimers Dyson--Birthdate--7/24/42.
Linda Greulich Eagleeye--Birthdate--1/5/43.  Anniversary (with Russ)--10/19/63.
Sandra Franz Fiske--Birthdate--6/7/42.  Anniversary (with Calvin)--12/24/92.
Marge Kennish Krach--Birthdaate--9/?/17.
Nancy Haynes Pardue--Birthdate--6/20/42.
Barb Augustine Veres--Birthdate--12/29/42.  Anniversary--4/29/67.

1950  Cawthras Jan neighbor Don Bob.jpg (83612 bytes)

Cawthra parents 25th anniversary.jpg (45520 bytes)

Dons picture--Geri, Geri's friend, Pat, Dorothy Cawthra.jpg (62732 bytes)

Geri and Mark Cawthra--1972.jpg (66179 bytes)

Photo of Jan and family.jpg (204128 bytes)

Photos from Don:  Jan, neighbor, Don and Bob Cawthra Parents--Dorothy & Frank Cawthra--25th anniversary Don, Geri and friend, Pat, Dorothy 1972--Geri and Mark 1971--Jan, Ron, John,Jim, Jeff, Christi--Xmas card of the Gundermans

Photos from Linda: of her grandson, Jack

Linda-Jackinhighchair.jpg (30859 bytes)

Jack & Laura.jpg (22631 bytes)

Linda--Ron, Jack(Laura's husband),James'sUncle, UnhappyJack.jpg (29702 bytes)

Linda--JackandKaty.jpg (17078 bytes)

Photos from left to right:  Jack, Jack and Laura(Linda's daughter) Ron(Laura's father-in-law, James(Laura's Husband), James's uncle and an unhappy Jack, Jack and friend Katy

Matt2001.JPG (12470 bytes)
Matt--Lois's Grandson(2001)

Zach_2.JPG (27017 bytes)
Zachary(3 1/2 months)

Zach_1.JPG (15701 bytes)

Zach_3.JPG (15314 bytes)

Zach_4.JPG (17248 bytes)

MattFootball.JPG (15025 bytes)

From Lois:  Pictures of "Cutie-Patutie" Zach and Matt's football picture.

Lois xmas.jpg (23201 bytes)Lois xmas2.jpg (16000 bytes)
Audrey and Lois

Lois's Early Christmas Memories:
When I was a toddler, my parents waited until I was asleep on Christmas Eve to trim the tree, so that I would be surprised in the morning by the glowing lights and shiny decorations.  Christmas stockings were filled with oranges and walnuts.  My first Christmas on W. 97 St.(1948) was very special.  When we moved from Vega Ave., my parents took in a kindergarten classmate of mine, Audrey, as a foster child.  Audrey's mother was very poor and allowed Audrey to live with us for several months.  She and I asked Santa Claus for doll buggies and new dolls.  On Christmas morning, there were lots of presents under the tree for Audrey and me, but Audrey sadly said, "Santa forgot the doll buggies."  Surprise!  The doll buggies were upstairs by Aunt Erma & Uncle Karl's Christmas tree!  We were two very happy little girls that Christmas.


Gollwitzer-Xmas57.JPG (12902 bytes)

LoisXmas1947.JPG (21233 bytes)

LoisXmas'49.JPG (17948 bytes)

Lois's pictures (left to right) Gollwitzer Christmas, 1957.



SterlingTree.JPG (30453 bytes)

Liam and Dunk--Xmas.jpg (15793 bytes) Sandy's Christmas Thoughts:  The picture on the left is Liam and his dog, Dunkin.  I found the image and just couldn't resist substituting the faces!  I looked thru all of my photo albums and don't have any Christmas pictures from when I was a child--Kim and Jana divided all my photo albums years ago, so I don't have many pictures of the past.  My Christmas this year will be so special.  I'm go to Kim's house for Christmas  with Kim, Liam and Mark and Jana, Bob, Calvin and Shelby are driving down from DC to spend Christmas with us.  This will be the very first Christmas that me, my daughters and their families will be together for Christmas.  I'm sure I'll have pictures to post when I get back!


Char's nativity sceen.jpg (10446 bytes)

Joy's Christmas Memories:  We always had an artificial Christmas tree-a fact that I deeply regretted in my youth.  Looking back on it now, however, brings many fond memories.  My mom kept all of the silly things my brother and I made as presents in school and displayed them each year, including a clamshell I painted with a Christmas scene (purportedly an ashtray) for my father.  Also, we had a wonderful nativity scene which was placed under the tree.  It is mine now.  The pieces were purchased in the five and dime, and some still bear price tags on the bottom.  I believe the most expensive is perhaps 50 cents, and some of the paint is flaking from the robes of the wise men, but I consider the set to be one of my Christmas treasures.  We took the street car downtown to view the Christmas decorations (my favorite being the Sterling Linder tree), but "my" Santa Claus was the lone man in the red suit located in the basement of Fries & Schueles on West 25th Street.  This Santa had no elves, and no fine surroundings--just a single chair on a very small platform, but I revered him because every year he came through for me.  In fact, it was my parents and godparents who treated me so well, although it took me a long time to realize that.  Another fond Christmas memory was dressing up and going with my "Nana" to her company Christmas party.  She worked for Mrs. Wagner's Baking Co.; and I loved attending the party, not just for the goodies I received, but also for the grown-up feeling it gave me.


Lois-xmas letter.jpg (179529 bytes)

Lois--xmas letter2.jpg (142426 bytes)

Above is Lois's Christmas letter for 2001---Great job, Lois!