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West Tech
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This was a postcard made in the 1940's showing West Tech as it appeared then.

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Techette pin

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1960 Graduation

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Girl's letter

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11B Report Card

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11B Report Card

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Shorthand pins

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Shorthand certificate

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Typing certificate


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If anyone would like to join the West Tech Alumni Association, go to:
Click on "Get Involved" and that will display an application to join.  The WTAA puts out a good quarterly newsletter.

The following photos are courtesy of Spudman--Thank you!!!

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The following pictures were taken of West Tech by Don Cawthra on Feb. 1, 2002.  Thanks, Don!!!

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This story goes with the above 2 pictures and this story is Lois's memory of it.  The Boys Gym was the site of the Y-Teen "Aloha Dance on April 22, 1960.  My favorite teacher was Larry Chernauskas  (I got straight A's in his Algebra III and Algebra IV classes).  When I arrived at the dance, I told Mr. Chernauskas, who was a chaperone that evening, that I planned on asking him to dance when a "Ladies Choice" was announced.  He said he never danced, and I even saw him turn down a few other girls who asked him to dance.  When the next "Ladies Choice" dance was announced, there was a tap on my shoulder, and Mr. Chernauskas said, "How about that dance?"  The song playing was "Theme from a Summer Place" and I was in absolute heaven.  It is my favorite high school memory.
Photos:  left to right--Mr. Chernauskas   Joy Clark, Lois Gollwitzer, Kathy Benedict  and 11A report card.

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Every spring, West Tech was host to the largest outdoor high school track meet in Cleveland, The West Tech Relays.  WTH girls sold tickets to the Relays, and the top five ticket sellers presented trophies & ribbons to the winning athletes.  Tenth graders Joy & Lois were among those who sold tickets to the 23rd Annual West Tech Relays, which were held May 2, 1958.
L to R:  Photo appeared in The Tatler    Lois on far left   Lois's ribbon   Lois & Joy with track coach, Mr. Kolach